Monday, September 17, 2012

Is that a listing in your pocket...?

Pocket Listings are simply properties where a seller wants to sell, but is not ready for the active market yet.  There can be several reasons why a seller finds themselves in this position.  Perhaps they have quite a bit of work to complete on the house prior to listing it or maybe it's a timing thing where they want to wait until Spring to list it publicly.

As real estate agents we often find ourselves privy to this inventory and we know that if a serious buyer can't find what they're looking for on the market, somewhere there is an agent that likely has this listing in their pocket.  Just think, as a seller, rather than spend time and money fixing up your house - you just sell it for an acceptable price without ever having to "actively" market it to every buyer and website out there!

Well, it happens - right here in river city.  As agents we have access to a website where we can enter your property and market it to other real estate agents.  From there we can potentially help connect you with buyers who are frustrated looking at the same old inventory.

If you find yourself thinking about selling, but are not quite ready to jump into the active market - give me a call and we can discuss the values of a pocket listing.
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