Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Ready to buy in 2010

Check back for updates on getting ready to buy.  I will be expanding on this topic throughout the year.

What exactly does a first time home buyer need?  

Planning!  and then more Planning!  Start by having a good conversation with a trusted lender.  Perhaps talk to several, however, you need to choose one and stick with them.  New regulations within the banking industry will make it difficult for home buyers to avoid delays in closing if they decide to "shop" their rate.  Once you find a lender you trust that provides what you are looking for, stick with them or be prepared for delays - and if there is one thing sellers are not interested in, it's delays!

In fact, you can greatly increase your odds of getting that offer accepted, even in multiple offer situations, by going ahead and getting approved.  This puts you in a position as a buyer to tell the sellers - yes, I can close faster than those other buyers - and I am SERIOUS about buying.

If you, or someone you know is looking to make a move, contact me at for good advice.

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