Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 2010 Census...Be Prepared

So every now and then the government wants to take a head count...it teaches us many different things about our society.  Let's call it a brief snapshot of ourselves, our culture and who we are.  No small undertaking when you think about it, going door to door to count every human being in the United States.  So what should you do when that person rings your door bell and starts asking you questions.  For starters, be smart and pay attention to the person at your door.  For your security and safety the Census Bureau has provided some simple things to look for in determining if the person you are speaking with actually works for the Census.

First of all, they will have ID.  If they are unable to produce an ID that looks like this, they may not be a census worker.  All Census workers are required to have their ID on them in a visible location at all times, and be able to produce this ID to prove that they are employed by the Department of Commerce.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly Census workers have a form that they use to ask specific questions.  There are in fact 10 questions and they should only ask you the 10 questions on the list.  If you are asked for additional information, you are not required to answer.  What they won't ask you are questions regarding your legal status as a citizen of the United States.  Your information, like your name, your address, your Social Security Number are protected and Census Workers all take an oath to protect your personal information.  They can and will face imprisonment and hefty fines if they do not protect that information adequately.

Census workers will not ask to enter your home.  They will have an official ID, they will be carrying an official Census bureau bag and all their forms will be official.  If someone claiming to be a Census worker that does not provide official ID, or asks to enter your home, immediately call the Toll Free number of your Regional Census Bureau.

You will be contacted by the Census Bureau soon and this information is important to your community and it is also mandatory for you to provide the information.  It helps to establish amounts of federal tax money provided to your communities, also it helps to establish the amount of representation that we as a community are provided in Congress.  It is also important that you are educated in the process so that you are prepared and can provide your information in a timely manner.  A good resource to locate is the Census Bureau website at:  http://2010.census.gov

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