Monday, August 26, 2013

Hondros Real Estate Cincinnati

Are you ready to create your own STARtup Company?  You see them on the news all the time - energetic, go getters, having fun being their own boss.  While it is hard work, there is help for you out there.  To making sure you get started on the right foot, to getting your license, to ongoing training.  I'm not talking about training in a classroom with 50 other new agents.  I'm talking about 1 on 1 coaching, through your first year and beyond.  That's the kind of service that can help get any start up off the ground.

Established start ups showing their stuff
Contact me today if you're tired of working for someone else, and would like to establish your own STARtup company in real estate.  I'll not only help you get started, but help you navigate the paths to get you into your first sale and get your company off the ground and running.  Classes are filling up quickly - so contact me now! or call me at 513-791-2255
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