Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homes for Sale in Loveland, Ohio

A quick peek at homes for sale in Loveland Ohio shows us that things are starting to move along however, it also shows us that we will likely continue a trend of ups and downs.  Loveland Ohio is particularly interesting as it's median list price continues to be well above its median sales price.

We seem to be getting further apart as the summer goes on.  So what is driving this trend?  We have to go back to the old stand by of supply and demand.  An increasing number of homes coming on the market with decreasing number of buyers.  This translates into a 90.3% drop in sales posted from the previous month.  (Mind you - that number will adjust as we approach the end of July...but OUCH!)

Also, you can see that there are few distressed properties in Loveland.  This has helped sellers maintain their asking prices, however, buyers have continued to press those prices down, as the move from market area to market area.  Keep watching these numbers as we approach the end of summer and we will likely see that asking price fall dramatically.
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