Friday, February 25, 2011

Loveland City Schools to add 3.5mil levy on ballot in May

In a January board meeting a resolution was passed to add an Operating Levy to the May 2011 Ballot. Click here to ready the announcement by Loveland District: Loveland City Schools

You may recall a levy that was difficult to pass back in 2008, took them twice to get it done. That levy was a non-increase and the board promised to not ask for more money until 2012. That Levy is set to expire January 2012, when this new one will take affect. - So the board can say that promises were kept. This upcoming Levy is being asked to help cover increase operating costs and is expected to generate around2.7 million additional dollars for the district.
Loveland Board of Education President, Dr. Kathryn Lorenz said, "It is always difficult to come to the community asking for additional funds, but the Board believes that we have been responsible with the taxpayer funds entrusted to the district and can show additional funds are needed now. The new funds are not for added programs, but rather, to continue programming and maintain the district's academic excellence."

The levy request is being asked because revenue from multiple sources is being lost. Federal Stimulus funds, personal tangible property revenue as well as tax dollars from Duke Energy. The board is expecting this levy to pass, but has stated that they are preparing a plan should it fail - likely including the usual threats of busing service, extra curricular activities, etc.

We will watch carefully as this unfolds and we move toward voting day. I expect to see a ramp up of conversation on this topic as we enter late March and throughout April. Check back for more updates!

Chris W.
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