Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homes for Sale in Loveland Ohio

Fall in Loveland is such a wonderful thing - A small and tight knit community that celebrates our children with a great homecoming parade through downtown. Lots of floats, all the way down to the first grade cheerleaders and football teams, and TONS of candy! For me, this is the kick off to Fall!

As I review how our real estate market has performed over the past couple of months in Loveland what strikes me first is the Average Sold Price. In August of 2009 the Average Sold Price for Loveland was $268,361 - compared to September's Average Sold Price of $223,126. While the Average marketing time remained the same of about 82 days. This drives home that buyers continue to demand lower prices, and they are getting them.

I imagine as we continue through these fall months that we will continue to see prices fall a bit, The first time homebuyer tax credit does not do much for a community like Loveland, as there is just not much in the way of inventory to support that group. There are bargains in Loveland but as a buyer you need to be activly looking and ready to pounce with your "Highest and Best" offer as you will likely be in multiples. We look to the Spring, to bring about some real estate change and a better balance between the buyers and the sellers. In the meantime, if you are interested in the Loveland area you can call, email, or text your questions to me!

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