Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Media Vs. Industry

Well, the first "Twillionaire" is #aplusk, referencing the twitter handle that is used by Ashton Kutcher; yes that Ashton Kutcher. He recently beat out CNN to be the first on Twitter to have over a million followers. Not bad, I suppose for someone sitting in their living room, streaming live video over the web, even if you are a celebrity. What compels me most about this recent struggle is the difference between how each uses Twitter. Ashton, challenging people like Oprah to help send mosquito nets to Africa and pulling it off, while CNN uses their Twitter account for news feed headlines. Upon digging you quickly learn that CNN only recently purchased the account from someone who had already built up a 900,000+ following and use it like that ticker tape that scrolls across your TV screen, telling you the news while you listen to other news. I've never met anyone who likes that by the way but rather than get rid of it they seem to be adding more…?

Real Estate is attempting to embrace Social Feeds like Twitter with some modicum of success, myself included. You can follow me as cjwood on twitter and find out what I'm tweeting about, it might surprise you and sometimes confuse you!

It's anyone's guess where social media will bring us…is YouTube doomed to fail as another web experiment? Is Web 2.0 going to end up as dorky as its title implies? (Hopefully, they won't call the next thing Web 3.0…I prefer something a little more exciting, and with a cape)! Am I doomed to continue to blog in obscurity…wait, don't answer that, but I do think I'll check my followers…maybe I even picked up a new stalker!
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